About Us

The UNDP/UNFPA/UNWOMEN/UNOPS Staff Association advocates for the rights, interests and welfare of personnel worldwide and promotes a better understanding and mutual respect between the Management and personnel.  

The Staff Association derives its mandate from chapter VIII of the UN Staff Rules and Regulations (ST/SGB/2017/1) and its own Constitution (July 2013). The Staff Association is represented through a Staff Council of elected members in New York and through Local Staff Associations at country-level. Its elected members are fully accountable to the UNDP/UNFPA/UNWOMEN/UNOPS Staff Association and personnel of the constituent agencies/entity.

The UNDP/UNFPA/UNWOMEN/UNOPS Staff Council of elected members can initiate proposals to the Administration and provides a channel of communication between the Administration and personnel at large for discussion and negotiation on matters which affect the welfare of personnel, including conditions of work, workplace relationship and culture, workplace disputes, general conditions of life and other human resources policies.

The UNDP/UNFPA/ UNOPS/ UNWOMEN Staff Council is a member of the UN International Civil Servants Federation (UNISERV) and it works in close cooperation with the Staff Associations, Unions and other Federations of the United Nations and UN Specialized Agencies as part of a Common System, both in Country Offices and at Headquarters, maximizing the coordination of activities of mutual interest and benefits.